Issue, manage and exchange digital assets.


  • Create and manage asset tokens
  • Invite and manage investors
  • Manage investors’ subscription orders
  • Monitor token structure and distribution, orders and transaction history
  • NEOMI works closely with issuers throughout the tokenization journey along with our network of technology experts, partners, and investors.


  • Join the platform upon invitation of the Issuers
  • Complete onboarding including KYC and AML
  • Subscribe to asset tokens on the primary market with cash or crypto
  • Monitor token holdings, orders and transaction history
  • The NEOMI platform enables investors to build a DeFi portfolio from the ground up and gain exposure to impactful, asset-backed tokenised investments.

Platform features

Customizable Issuance

Issue new securities in minutes, with the rights and obligations of issuers and investors encoded and automated.

Unified Lifecycle Management

Automate digital security lifecycle events, facilitate governance activities, enhance investor relations, and enable portfolio and real-time cap table management.

Direct Asset Distribution

Distribute products directly to investors with peer-to-peer markets. Clear and settle transactions in real time with multiple payment options and no counterparty risk.

Accurate Performance Measurement

Retain a transparent and immutable history of transactions, view position and performance metrics, and generate actionable insights all from a single dashboard.

Built-in Compliance

Ensure your digital assets comply with regulation by utilizing code that is modeled after traditional securities law.

Accelerated Investor Onboarding

Expedite KYC and AML operations, set distribution rules, share compliance data with regulators and other network participants, and streamline auditing.

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