NEOMI is a new generation of finance connecting good with good.

It's simple - we want to boost authentic impact investment opportunities that will make the world a better place through progressive and purposeful investments.

To make that happen, NEOMI makes investing and raising capital cheaper, easier and smarter – increasing transparency and reshaping risk.

NEOMI is an investment ecosystem which simplifies the capital raising process for impact businesses. We want to help impact investors access new opportunities in a growing world of decentralised finance.

People with purpose

NEOMI is a new Australian venture established by a team of DeFi enthusiasts with a wide range of expertise across investment management, technology and media. We're passionate about the difference NEOMI can make by bringing authenticity to investing.

Values driven investing

Investments are vetted for impact using NEOMI’s strict protocols bringing a much needed level of transparency to the market. With NEOMI, investments are aligned with values, with confidence.

Ready to do some good? It’s easier than you think.

  • Issue new securities in minutes
  • Automate rights obligations and lifecycle events
  • Step up your KYC and AML operations
  • Smooth audit and investor relations with accelerated onboarding
  • Tailor digital assets to investor requirements
  • Organise transactions into performance reports for actionable insights

The Halo Club

NEOMI exists to support impact investors, impact investing and impact entrepreneurs. To do this we need to get started.

The Halo Club is an innovation to gain financial support to achieve these goals. We have developed a membership that will allow people to support NEOMI so that we can develop our business in a way that gives us longevity and traction in the market.

We’re also aiming to support other businesses in this space. Your membership not only helps NEOMI, it helps others as well - the ECO-system effect.

Could your investments change the world?